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I completely agree with the previous comment. Spreads are tight and trader has access to wide range of markets. What I don't like is you should pay for this kind of quality much higher price. All commissions, transaction fees etc are above the average among FX industry. You can find reliable broker with lower expenses so I see no reason to open account here or keep on working with them.

Turtle_2   5 April, 2017  

Hi, I’m Jane Zurman, I had been a trader for 7 years and one day I decided not to be a simple trader, but to run out my own business. I had made a research and found these guys. What surprised me most of all, there is a real opportunity to start your own brokerage from $5000! UTIP Trading Platform fully suit for Forex and for Binary Options brokerage company, which bribed me immediately. By the way, I don’t pay any percent from my profit on the Binary Options and the turnover in the Forex market! That is very profitable option! The unique CRM system perfectly helps me to control all the actions of my employees. I remember I had nothing except the bad experience in trading. UTIP made my dreams come true and now I am happy to have business with these guys for 1 year already, they keep in touch with me and support me when it’s necessary. Respect for them!

Jane Zurman   6 April, 2017

I like the helpful information you provide for your articles. Ill bookmark your blog and check again right here frequently. I am quite certain Ill be informed many new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the next!

Smithd973   6 April, 2017

Gft was acquired by As a trader of both companies and active trader of, I would say that things changed. No cancelation of winning trades, no tricks as it was before with gft. You got tight spreads and so on... What I want to mention is no extremely high number of price fluctuations during trading session anymore. They filter ticks and provide as smooth price as possible. I know it's been done as a good practice by others, so I see no negative impact on my performance.

Udesh   5 August, 2016  

I love the GFT spam comment from branson fan. With GFT you lose money if if you make money. I am amazed they get away with what they do.... How have they not been shut down? They close trades with tonnes of equity left in the account, they take huge fees out of profitable trades which then has them result in loses, and their software glitches at the most inconvient moments.

The funniest part is that their motto is 'above all integrity' .... This company should be shut down! How do they get away with it?

Dal   27 January, 2012  

I trade with them about 9 months. First 3 months, I was not so skillful, I lost money; but the last 6 months, I made money. Good or not good; sometimes, it may depend how skillful we are. The longer we trade, the better we will.

Banson Fan   7 September, 2011  


Scamed   12 May, 2011  

Think it is better to trade your underwear with gals for lingerie, try their system & that's the last time you see YOUR $

Dirty.....   22 March, 2011  

Whole damn company don't know a shit as to what they are doing a bunch of sloppy shits that's all,
need the client to teach them their job roles & responsibilities

Beware!!!   22 March, 2011  

I would adviser anyone do not trade with them. There are professional scam service there will take your money even you not on account to trade that have happen to me. I have very bad experience with them have ever across with any broker in my life there are worst service ever will never go to that scam company there are today that is my strong adviser not trade with them.

Antonio   8 October, 2010  

Although the platform is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow for day trading, swing traders will enjoy the vast amounts of studies available. If trading is your day job, this one's not for you.

Fred   14 November, 2009  

They are a bucketshop but the US Government is a lame duck and won't do a thing.

mike   18 September, 2009  

My EUR/GBP Stop Buy was executed 3pip above market day high 0.8936 in the morning and I also could not find any executed 0.8936 in other dealers quote. My identical order in MF Global was not executed and confirmed my STOP order must be reflective to be valid. Whereas GFT dealing desk arrogantly reasoned their market/chart price only displayed their BID price 0.8933 whereas executed ASK [Stop Buy 0.8936] price is not shown and this is how their system work!! This means their ambiguous spread range is damn dynamic, flexible and justifiable to execute any favorable or unfavorable STOP order... there is simply no transparency... you'll never make money when they can trade against your stop without a display executed price.. They’ve conveyed otherwise when they want the account and I’ve yet to find any information on this non-displayed of "spread" executed price clause. Watch out and it's unfortunately for me to be impressed to further evaluate their program/service with real money.. Make your wise choice!

Koh   17 September, 2009  

The platform is as stiff as a prick.....and so frigging complicated for starters...I was out in a sec

Ifeanyi   28 April, 2009  

Total SCAM, they trade against you, and ready to explain some terms you cannot understand on the never ending fees

LOng   23 December, 2008  

Spreads and rollover fees on spot contracts are murderous on exotic currencies. It took me two solid days of filtering their awful account statements to figure out where the money was leaking out.

Mr Potato Head   20 December, 2008  

put my aud/us sell just before RBA announced rate cut...didn't go thou. lost 74 pips...thanks gft...had issues with platform. froze computer a few times

mark   11 October, 2008  

If you are a small trader their fees will destroy you.

fisherco1   18 December, 2007  

Difficult to make any money with a mini account - even when you win, you loose, with all the hidden charges and fees. And now 5 weeks after closing my account I,m still waiting for my funds to be refunded - the wired funds seemed to have got lost in cyber space and no one gives a damn. Get out quick if you can!

Keith Anderson   13 August, 2007  

I was there before aswel and quickly realised it was nonsense. Definitly not honest and not regulated. I have been now with ACM and its really going ok, the only quirk is the spread widening during news which is not excessive but exists. The stop loss ordes always go through even during news and I'm not big news trader so for me it works.

GFT IS A SCAM   29 May, 2007  

Server Problems... server problems...server problems.... their favorite excuse. Their statements are nuts. Try to close an account and get 'have to wait 3 days or so to convert canadian dollars to US dollars...' Wot? huh? Splain dis to me lucy ... o_0 ... is there anyone out there who is honest? They all need to be regulated. This is nuts

PO'd in USA   16 May, 2007  


DOWN !!!!   10 May, 2007  

GFT is not a regulated broker, its a total bucketshop that is only a replacement for GCI which was banned from the USA...careful

Jeffrey Simal   19 December, 2006  

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Global Forex Trading was founded in 1997 as subdivision of Global Futures & Forex, Ltd. Residence, Regulation, and Company Management Structure The company is registered in the US, is registered with the CFTC, and is a member of the FCM. A company has a few offices - their addresses...

Regulation: FSA (Japan), NFA, CFTC, DGCX, DMCC, ASIC, FSA (UK), MAS

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