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For a long while I've been doing fixed time trading with Olymp. I really am greateful for the opportunity that the company give to all new traders, but I think its time to move further. I've heard many traders abandon fixed-time trading in order to trade forex market. People say there are lot more opportunities to earn some decent money there. I really have noticed that trend matter in the market. There are few chances to exploit the trends if you close the trade on the next bar like you do with the fixed time trading. I want to cut my lossess and let the profits grow, just like professionals advise. Did anyone have such experience here switching to Olymp forex? Do you think the idea is decent?

Olymp Trade   Dan Vu   11 June, 2020  

Can I withdraw my 100$ profit from fbs bonus?

FBS   Taishier   11 June, 2020  

Hello, Tashier!
Sure! As soon as you fulfill the Trade 100 bonus conditions, you are free to withdraw your 100$ profit or continue trading on this funds. In case you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in chat on our site or via!

FBS   16 June, 2020

Its a big scam, I invested 250 Euros and asked for withdrawal after reading the reviews. As soon as I asked for withdrawal, the company stopped responding and in the end I lodged a dispute with my bank (as I paid via credit card) and these scammers returned my funds. Hope you all get your funds back. I would also recommend to report the matter to CySEC (I reported the matter to them). They will take your money and won't reply to your emails or messages.

Askobid   Raj Bahri   11 June, 2020  

Hello N&n, I have been a victim of this scam, did you managed to claim your money back or is there a way to claim the money back? I'am desperate need of help.

Y&T   23 June, 2020

I like fxpro. There are flexible trading conditions, you can choose from different platforms with different types of execution. Also, FxPro offers a very good variety of trading instruments.

FxPro   Shaman   10 June, 2020  

As a beginner forex trader I was always looking to currency pairs and only now I realized that for learning I can trade other instruments, be in a demo account or a Cent account. So I can improve my skill and market understanding trading stocks, oil and even metals. At the end of day, everything is traded as CFD. Starting with metals at FBS. Let's see.

FBS   Francisco Jorge   10 June, 2020  

Hello, Francisco Jorge!
Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to know that you have chosen FBS for starting your path of a trader. Wish you lucky trading with metals!

FBS   16 June, 2020

I know that scalpers are not welcomed in trader's community and that a lot of brokers set up rules against scalpers and this is why I relieved to know that lblv doesn't have lots of restrictions. I trade intraday, and my orders are mostly within 10-20 min interval and so far I've met no problems with it. Really a good broker!

LBLV   Pops   10 June, 2020  

Yeah, LBLV is pretty chill, but technically you aren't scalping. If your orders last longer than 5 minutes, you can't be a scalper :) Do you want to say that you had problems with 10-20 min orders while trading elsewhere? This is odd. Are you sure that your last broker wasn't a scammer?

Selud   25 June, 2020

I don't feel this broker is scam, people without knowledge of the terms and forex are just victim of loss and blaming it on the broker. what do you expect a broker with high leverage and low minimum deposit...of course it's amateurs that will fall for early loss without good experience and start blaming it on the broker. No need to blame get experience look at the spreads, lots and many more before going in.

FBS   Tope   10 June, 2020  

Dear Tope!
Thank you for finding a moment to leave a positive review on working with FBS! We highly appreciate it!

FBS   16 June, 2020

Total live trading is a year and 3 months, mid sized premium account, manual trading. over all experience is good, mode of payments (withdrawal/deposit) is skrill linked to an ewallet and its almost instant. max withdrawal time is 48 hrs. deposits are instant. Im very pleased with results though the market lately is running havoc. stay safe every one and happy pip hunting. Conclusion: great broker.

HotForex   Donna Mae   10 June, 2020  

I was recently scammed by XM. I am a first time Real Account Trader and XM was recommended if you want to start off risk free. Ive done my due dilligence but XM was 50/50. I tried withdrawing to my Skrill Account but i had complications with Skrill so i had to cancel. I tried to withdraw again and all my money was gone. I get an email saying things i literally dont understand. Dear Valued Client, We are contacting you with reference to your account(s) no. 57048994,4875388 (Your Account(s)) at XM Global Limited. The trading patterns in your Account(s) raise serious concerns regarding the credit bonuses we have granted to your Account(s), since these were used for cash-back arbitrage activities. Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions applicable to our credit bonuses, the following activities are qualified as follows: Any form of arbitrage trading. Bonuses claimed by multiple Accounts that were registered from the same IP address. Various practices of bonus manipulation. Breach of any points included in our bonus Terms and Conditions. Any fraudulent activities, disputes or situations that our Management considers as fraudulent. Accordingly, we regret to inform you that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, we have decided, with immediate effect to, (i) close your Account(s) with Trading Point, (ii) to nullify all trades carried out in your Account(s) with Trading Point, and (iii) to cancel any and all profits or losses garnered in your Account(s) with Trading Point. Please note that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, our decisions are final and binding on all participants and that, other than the notification set forth herein, there will be no further correspondence on this matter.

XM   Collins Echefu   10 June, 2020  

when you make profit they will send you emails you won't even understand telling you that your trading raise some concern and they are closing your account and you won't even get your profit only initial money. I will not recommend this broker to anyone.

Guest   24 June, 2020

I started with this company with $250. Later I can there is some profit comint in. I wasn't allowed to withdraw from the "withdrawal available" I was force to deposit until $16K but the account balance is getting more due to profit. Again I did ask for withdrawal but they always gave unreasonable excuses which I knew. Every time tell me to top up the deposit. I knew that I've been scammed. Every withdrawal available was taken away. Lastly I saw my balance was $82k.
That is the time where by they said it dropped until $2k. I think they have their own way to take my hard earn money. Is there any other way where I can get back my money. I join them since 7 May 2020. Not a single cent I get my withdrawal. Please help me.

eXcentral   Emillia   9 June, 2020  

Dear Emilia,

We are not aware of any technical problems with the withdraw button. Please contact our support team at, and provide them with your account reference number to investigate this further. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.


eXcentral   10 June, 2020

Tried to withdraw $250 initial deposit. After they (EverFX) confirmed withdrawal acceptance still no money returned.

EverFX   Kevin Morgan   9 June, 2020  

my withdrawal money already 5 days still not received yet. where is money?

LiteForex   atiqah   9 June, 2020  

Hi atiqah, have you received your withdrawal money? I plan to join the liteforex and am not sure it's a right choice

Bawani   13 June, 2020

Dear atiqah, Did you get you money? Best regards, representative of LiteForex.

LiteForex Official   24 June, 2020

This broker is a scam. when u close a trade where you have won, they automatically close a loss trade. the trades that u have won disappears from your history. speaking from experience this is a scam.

FBS   Patricia Siame   9 June, 2020  

Dear Patricia Siame!
We would highly appreciate if you provided here an example of such case.
We have checked our system, but didn't find any attempt to contact our customer support in order to check your situation. Please, kindly be informed that you can check the log files from your terminal yourself or request them from our customer support via
FBS is fair and regulated broker and there’s no place for any unethical actions from our side. And if you consider some of your orders executed incorrectly, you can always send us a claim.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

FBS   9 June, 2020

indices counter pip value is ridiculus. trading on .01 lots is equivalent to trading on .001 lots. but here's the mindblowing and interesting part. it eats up the same margin as trading on .01 lots while actually the pip value is .001

FBS   pipseater   9 June, 2020  

Dear Sir/Madam!
Could you kindly specify your comment?
We would like to remind you that margin for all CFDs, Metals and Stocks is counted differently from currency pairs. The formula is following:
Margin = Opening price * Order volume * Contract size * Percentage / 100
1 lot on WTI Oil = 1000 barrels
Percentage is 3% (you can see it in the contract specifications - )
Thus, if you open an order of 1 lot on WTI Oil at the price of 37.4000, then the margin will be: 37.4000 * 1 * 1000 * 3 / 100 = 1122
As for one point value, the formula is the same as for the currency pairs:
One Point Value = One Point * Contract Size
Please, kindly be informed that you can check the contract size in the contract specifications in your trading platform as well.
Also, we would like to add that you can always make all the calculations using our Trader’s Calculator (

FBS   9 June, 2020

I have joined FXCC since Feb 2020. I was always apprehensive about the company based on the review on this website. However, I still decided to give it a try as it is still regulated by CySec. However, now I seriously regretted my decision. I made some money through trading. My trading activities did not involve scalping or hedging, just buying and selling within 1-2 weeks when the trend is in my favour. I made a serious of withdrawls initially and it was fine. However, the latest withdrawl I submitted on 28-May was not processed till today (after 11 calendar days). I contacted their live chat, back office and finance department. Their only response was that it was under review. I asked them how long will the review take, but they simply ignored me and never give me a definite answer. I have since closed down all my open positions (since I found there is no point to continue trading as I cannot withdraw the money!). I still have EUR 11691.61 in my MT4 account 88825208, and this excludes the withdrawl amount of EUR 2207.13 which is still pending for processing. I have since wrote a formal complaint to FXCC and is still pending their reply. I just found out from the Vanuatu Financial Service License (VFSC) website that FXCC (or Central Clearing) has been struck off from their register since 21-May-2020. Central Clearing is no longer registered with VFSC to provide financial services. Their website still states that the company is regulated by VFSC which is a clear misrepresentation of information. For all new traders out there, please refrain from joining FXCC. Besides my review, you can check out all other reviews in FPA regarding FXCC. We all face the same issues in withdrawing. Initially, you may be able to withdraw, but sooner or later, they will stop you from withdrawing.

FXCC   CHE   8 June, 2020  

Same problem here. Any way we can get back our money?

Robert Watson   15 June, 2020

I wish to update on my review dated 8 June. FXCC has finally completed my review and approved my withdrawl on 23-Jun-2020. It has been a long wait from the time I submitted my withdrawl on 28-May-2020. I still have money in my MT4 account and I believe there should not be problems in withdrawing as long as I don't violate any terms of conditions of trading, especially for the XL account. Thank you!

CHE   25 June, 2020

Hey there, I don't wanna lie but exness is one of the best brokers for me but they should fix their withdrawal system because it's difficult to withdraw your profits because they always reject my withdrawals they want me to withdraw the initial deposit

Exness   Lonwabo   8 June, 2020  

Dear Lonwabo, please be informed that when you deposit using the bank card, the first withdrawal must be equal to the initial deposited amount. This is known as the bank card refund. Upon completing the refund of all deposits made by bank card within 90-days, you may proceed to withdraw your profits. If you have any questions, please contact us on our website

Exness   9 June, 2020

I need to ask question, is there any rules to withdraw money from my account on the platform, or i can withdraw money at any time?

Olymp Trade   Mohamed Tharwet   8 June, 2020  

Hi there! The minimal amount of withdrawal is 10 dollars or euro. You can withdraw only to the source of payment that you used for depositing. Each withdrawal request is processed after the previous one is done. For more questions kindly visit the "Help" section of our website or contact the support team (available 24 hours) in the same section. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   9 June, 2020

I'm disappointed, stoploss hit but never reached simply because my phone went off. With plus500 it didn't reach. I'm out, the worst!

Exness   Cas   8 June, 2020  

Can i withdraw from fbs to paypal?

FBS   Loyd   8 June, 2020  

Hello, Loyd!
While there’s currently no way to withdraw using PayPal due to their regulation, we appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you’re looking for! At the moment we are trying to add as many other convenient payment systems as possible. For example, you can deposit and withdraw using an Exchanger, this payment system allows you to perform direct transfers with your bank account.
- Cash into bank,
- Bank Wire transfer or Online Banking,
- M-Pesa (African East, Kenya, Tanzania),
- Mobile Money (Ghana and Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, and Tanzania),
- ATM,
- Debit and Credit Cards (issued in Nigeria, any International Card)
- Visa QR,
- Kwikmoney, USSD.
- Local South African banks (FNB, Nedbank, ABSA)
You can also find plenty of other choices, using e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money or SticPay.
But we would like to remind you that withdrawal should be performed via those payment systems which were used for deposit. In case you need any help regarding deposit or withdrawal, please, contact us in chat on our site or via

FBS   9 June, 2020

I tried to open a trade on XTIUSD several times but is still not opened. Is there any problem with this currency pair?

OctaFX   Thabi   8 June, 2020  

I would like to share my experience with the Forex community on my experience of HotForex (HF). One of the basic & fundamental requirements for a forex broker is to provide an efficient & effective way for client to deposit fund and a responsive support team. When such basic & fundamental requirements cannot be fulfilled, then the client will face serious consequences of financial loss leading to more complicated resolution. On 3 crucial occasions, HF took more than 1 to 3 hours to process credit card deposit. Though I have reported these 3 incidents to the account service manager and the management, there is no reply nor good explanations why similar incidents keep on happening. A forward-looking and professional run broker will attempt to look into the root cause, address the gap and thereafter explain to the client. But not for HF. They simply ignore this issue and try to divert the blame to the client for not managing their position. This does not speak well for HF. And to make matter worse, after HF leisurely decide to update the deposit, client has to transfer this deposit from wallet to the trading account. This means that the clients have to constantly and at the mercy of the HF backend staff to monitor that the deposit is updated to your wallet and then quickly transfer from the wallet to the trading account. At every crucial moment, it is very difficult to get in touch with any HF staff including the live chat agent and account manager. My experience with the HF live chat agent give me an impression that they are like a postman or middleman between the client and the HF backend support staff. Frequently live chat agent is unable to resolve the matter. Instead the live chat agent would refer the client to email HF support or deposit team. Though I am given a direct line to the account manager, the account service manager took just as long as the time needed for the HF to process the deposit. Call to the account service manager direct line not picked. Messages sent to the account service manager direct line was responded 1 hour later. Fortunately on those 3 occasions, the stop out level was not reached otherwise my positions will be force-closed which I am very sure HF will not compensate even though it is proven that the tardiness and fault is on their side. This is my honest feedback and hope it will be useful in your evaluation of HF. Thank you.

HotForex   TienSeng   8 June, 2020  

I love your review and it helped me a lot. Thank you.

Emilia   5 July, 2020

can any one tell about the FXTM cent account. are they real? can they manipulate?

FXTM   Justin saji Abraham   6 June, 2020  

Hello! We can affirm that we always act with our clients' best interests and are continually striving to provide the best possible support. The Company does not interfere with Clients' trading activity, nor does it manipulate the prices received from its Liquidity Provider. This goes against both regulation and our corporate ethics. Please find all the necessary information regarding Cent Account on our website here

FXTM   11 June, 2020

I like this broker, the spread is perfect and what's also interesting is the commission free deposit unlike the broker I used before where I had to pay for my deposit. What I also like is the variety of accounts to accommodate every trader according to their levels of trading.

Grand Capital   Olwethu   5 June, 2020  

My name is Ema. I would say that legacyfx is a fraud. They pressured me to deposits and after that they gave me a wrong signal that never went on profits. That account closed up 12th December 2019 then my account manager was George. They then encouraged me again to make deposits to recover money with another manager Andrew, I was only able to withdraw the money I deposited that was 300$ after I did he became angry with me and deliberately gave me a wrong signal and the account closed Feb 13th 2020. Steven and Dan then told me that they can help me that they have seen all my mistakes so they encouraged me again to make deposits of 600$. The account manager was Dan. I deposited the money then he said I should just open anything I said I don't know what to do he then sent me a signal immediately I opened it the account went straight to losses. And at last I lost the whole money with no words from Dan Steve and Andrew. when I tried to reach out to them they blocked me on their watsapp. So I would encourage everyone to never consider legacyfx as a good tradedge for trading because they leave you to your faith after you make deposits.

LegacyFX   Ema Hertz   5 June, 2020  

Good to hear about this. just now one of the manager named aaron contact me ann persuaded me to join legacyfx. thanks for your good info.

Jefry sulaiman   30 June, 2020

Your review is a true reflection of what LegacyFX stand for. I experienced the exact same thing. I lost $1500 to their wrong advise.

Vic Bells   5 July, 2020

Due to leverage that Roinvesting offers me, my deposit is increasing more resolutely. I like trading with this broker, because my gains are more than losses.

ROinvesting   Erin   5 June, 2020  

Started with this company with small steps. First created the Demo account and also watching the webinars many times help me understand the trading markets. Now I am in contact with my account manager and started to invest. I do better than how I expect. Recommend to people new to trading.

eXcentral   Juliusz Dubrowski   5 June, 2020  

Dear Juliusz,

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback. We look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future.


eXcentral   26 June, 2020

I trade with excentral for a few months and everything is fine. You people should read more about transfers and regulations, cause they hey work as any other regulated broker I've worked with so far. I even made a few withdrawals and everything went normally. I waited the 10 working days for bank transfers and then I got my money in the account.

eXcentral   Joanna G.   5 June, 2020  

Trading with excentral for some months now. I am really happy with their services. It's a really professional company, I haven't experienced any issues with them. My account manager is very supportive!! keep up the good work.

eXcentral   Emilia Fischer   5 June, 2020  

excentral support team is very helpful and professionals, i spoke with them regarding a withdrawal issue i had and they solve it very fast!

eXcentral   Johanna   5 June, 2020  

My account manager is a very cool guy and he's the main reason why I trade with Excentral (I will probably follow the guy if he switches companies). For me customer service is key, hence trading with them. I have only experienced delay in my withdrawals when I was requesting big amounts (more than 5k), which is reasonable. I have always received my money back, it's a CySEC Broker , so your funds are secured. Also, some of the support emails end up in my junk folder, so if any of you have problems contacting them, check your junk folder for lost emails.

eXcentral   Hedging Master   5 June, 2020  

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