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I've been trading with lblv for 5+ month and I am completely content with their services. I always say that general rule to choose a good broker is to check their licenses and regulation and to do a little background check like maybe read client's feedback. It's just that simple and I don't know why people always make fuss over it.

LBLV   guest   30 April, 2020  

You had good experience and I'm happy for you, but not everyone is so lucky. A lot of people experienced some sort of scam from their brokers.. And you certainly can't say things like 'it's really simple to choose a broker, don't make a fuss about it, smh'. Sure, LBLV has a license and this is great! But not many of a newbie traders know that licenses are a thing and you supposed to check it prior to trading. So anyway, I wish you luck with your trading! And I did't mean to offend you, sorry if I sounded rude, but it seemed to me that you belittled other trader's problems. This is why I interfered.

Maya   6 May, 2020

AVA Trade is a scam, but you do not realize of that until you want to withdrawal your money. It is impossible. Wire transfers never work and the money always come back to your AVA account. They never send the proofs of transaction. Probably because they do not do the transactions.

AvaTrade   Ruben   30 April, 2020  

I have been using this Broker since 2018. As its name is called, so the Broker truly is: Honesty/Openness/Transparency - HOT! It's a very great broker: moderate spread, fast trade execution time, fast withdrawal, trading education, good customer care, name them. It's good Broker to reckon with.

HotForex   Ojo   29 April, 2020  

This Broker's Spread is huge! Don't be deceived. While other Brokers charge 2 pis, 9 pips, or 12 pips on GBPNZD for instead, this Broker charges 25 pips. This has been its trend on all trading instruments. Their Spread always double or tripple of others. Yet they lobby themselves through to top 10 in the world. However, in other aspect: trading instruments, trading execution, and more, they are great!

FXTM   Matthias   29 April, 2020  

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Please be reminded that spreads on all our instruments are floating and not fixed, so they may change as they reflect the market conditions. FXTM provides a variety of live account types with unique trading characteristics & different spreads, designed for traders of all experience levels and deposit size.

ForexTime   20 May, 2020

Does Olymp have any partnership programs?

Olymp Trade   Martin   29 April, 2020  

Hello there! Please, check the "Affiliate Program" section on the official website, click on our logo on the right side of this page. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

I started trading with this broker from 2018, and never encountered any critical issues. Totally satisfied.

HotForex   Sawa   29 April, 2020  

Hello. I downloaded this application in google play store few days ago but the trade is not opening. it kept on saying try again shortly but it has not open since then even the Olympic plus. what should I do.

Olymp Trade   Abiodun   29 April, 2020  

Hello there, Abiodun! Please contact us so that we collect all the information and help you: in online chat, via e-mail or on Facebook. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

With Alpho I have a similar experience. I have been trading for several years and without any problems. Quick, professional negotiations. For now, full satisfaction.

Alpho   Johnny   29 April, 2020  

I found the convenience of trading on fbs. For trader like me, the application of fbs trade will help me to trade without any restrictions on time and place. I can fully control my account well to make a profit. This progress is very meaningful for me.

FBS   Dias   28 April, 2020  

I am newbie in forex so what i like usiing this broker FBS i can find anlytics about pair in website FBS so it can help me to trade pair in everyday.

FBS   Nizam   28 April, 2020  

I'm happily trading with Profitix for over a year now. I was able to gain good profits out of the signals. There are losses but very minimal, profit still really good.

ProfitiX   Alessia West   28 April, 2020  

I paid refundable deposit and luckily changed my mind on the following day after reading reviews. I was silly to deposit without reading review. So I even haven't tryed to trade, although 3different people called me to change my mind. I filled all documents that day, support Askobid helped me with PC signature. I had to repeat the request 3 times and resend documents. At the end it took 30 days to proceed the payment, 5 phone calls, 23 emails (I really pushed). I am glad for loosing only 20$ by transfer. Do not give up!

Askobid   Lucy   28 April, 2020  

I had an interest in trading a few years ago, but I could not dare to start in reality with real capital for a very long time, doubting that I would succeed. But then the interest won, and I decided to try it. I chose this company on the feedback forum. Now I am at the testing stage, because I constantly have new questions and difficulties. So far, the profit margins are small, but I think that everything is ahead. If there are any recommendations for a newcomer, I will be glad to hear.

FXOpen   Alex   27 April, 2020  

I saw the money in my account growing everyday. One morning it was all gone - wiped out. We should not trust these forex companies. Ir's their systems, softwares. They can do anything behind the scenes.

IronFX   Looser   27 April, 2020  

I loss more that 3,000U$ with this plataform, because them inform for me that last end week (04/23/2020) I winner a traid with 5x, but theys spoke it was wront. Then they retire all my money that I got. I think that I don't like more it and never more recomend anybody.

Olymp Trade   Alves   27 April, 2020  

Hello there! Please, specify exactly what happened? Have you tried to contact our support team on the platform online chat? Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

XM is the worst broker i've ever experienced. These people claim to be the most legitimate company with so much awards but if you haven't used it yet I advice you with all my heart to stay away from them. First the deposit is one of the most fastest way I've seen & takes only 1 min. But withdraw to give you back your money is another story. I've withdrawn money after talking to them via Live Chat asking if I can withdraw using alternative methods, they said I can only do that if the money is profit above the initial deposit. Last week I withdrew 2 times but it never used the alternative method but instead they sent me an email saying the money is sent to bank. They claim it takes 2-5 business days. This is the second week complaining about my money with no sign of arrival what soever. When I try to chat them, they try to give me unnecessary reasons just for you to give up on your money. I claimed for my account manager to call me he refused to call at all. Up to this day idk what to do my money disappeared out of nowhere. The most saddest part is that I still have funds on their trading accounts that I truly want to remove from there as fast as possible but I cannot because two withdraws haven't even arrived to my bank yet. XM, you're not doing business in a professional way, you don't want to lose a single penny from your accounts. But guess what? I will not tolerate this, I will not give up claiming for my cash, I'll do whatever necessary wether legal or illegal to get my money. Do not think clients can just give up their money just like that. You'll not rest until you get to do your promises and business right. Once all my funds are out of your hands I'll leave you in peace. I sincerely regret working with you and I advice any other new client to not deposit because once the money is there, the return is almost to impossible. This review is from the bottom of my heart as a client for 1 & half year. My review is clearly below zero.

XM   Manzi Emery   27 April, 2020  

They fail to tell you you can not start with 250 its 1000 you can not withdraw without permission avoid at all costs.

Askobid   Joanne   27 April, 2020  

Was told to deposit 250 and do auto trading this is not the case they tell you its 250 then tell u no its a thousand I lost 250 due to no help I would stay clear of this company u less you are willing to loose.

Askobid   Joanne   27 April, 2020  

Just tried redgistering and depositing some money. as soon as I did I was hit by 7 transactions. the card was hacked through there platform my card had to be cancelled immediately causing issues.

iFOREX   Dharmesh Patel   27 April, 2020  

Guys I want to thank you keep it up with good works, deposit and withdrawals are fast I am enjoying to be part of xm. I love you keep up nd I'm giving you 5 stars

XM   Mfanafuthi Ngcobo   26 April, 2020  

I would thoroughly discourage anyone using this platform. They are an OTC broker, so no third party, your contract is purely with them, and they admit they "set their own market rates, based on third party sources". I had 2 but trades, that on all reputable markets went up, plus500 claimed the markets went down (actually dropped violently 1 minute after I bought it), and their app seems to lag or freeze so you can't be exit before a margin call. You've been warned

Plus500   Mark Tildsley   26 April, 2020  

This broker is one of the best.

Alpari   mahdi   25 April, 2020  

I started up the trading they kept callinge to put in more money with a account manager. I did everything worked. But since this morning everything is locked. And the don't get back to me? I need urgent help to get my money back.

eXcentral   Susan   25 April, 2020  

me too, I can't withdraw my mony back, and someone of capital company calling more investment RUB 7957 to A/C from my master card.

pui yee   28 April, 2020

This is a scam. I registered and they quickly took USD250 from my credit card. I was lucky to recover USD170 after deducting the $80 cancellation fee. Don't be greedy like me thinking this is a platform for making quick $$.

Greedy guy   1 May, 2020

Professional scammers. I would like to advice everyone about the bad practice taken in place by this broker, and i will share my experience. The 16 of April I opened different possitons in Usoil, My trades hitt the Take profit giving me a profit of of 1372.84. Sudenly hours later i had a "balance fixed" operation taking out of my account 1550.00. have been trying to get some info regarding the reasons for that "fixed balance" the only answer i got is basically that the contract futures was expiring on that same night. I was not given any information (emails, Pop ups, or anything) regarding that expiration. moreover, the amount that the balance fixed it overcomes the profits, and they still deny a full refund. Iaf anyone is on the same situation, please contact me i would love to gather some people in order to build up a collective sue.

EverFX   Jose Hidalgo   25 April, 2020  

I traded with this broker for about 1 year and I earned a little, I also have my main job and forex is only part time. This broker is quite good in many ways.

Alpho   Alan   25 April, 2020  

Plus500 are regulated but don't be fooled by that. Plus500 will freeze their platform and this stops traders from being able to manage their trades. They do this if a price suddenly goes up or down. They manipulate their platform for their own gains and the loss of their traders. This is just one example of their underhand platform manipulation. They have been accused of this before and they cannot give a clear reason for it. And the reason for that is, they know they're in the wrong. Stay away from them and if you have lost your money through their underhand practices report them to your countries regulator.

Plus500   Jay   24 April, 2020  

Is it Olymtrade policy to only pay once every other week even when you make multiple withdrawals within one week? I made three withdrawals on the 16th of April. Till now I have only been paid one of them. I think that kind of behavior is bad for business.

Olymp Trade   guest   24 April, 2020  

Hi, dear! Thanks for reaching out. Each withdrawal request is carried out after the previous one is done. Still you can create as many requests per day as you wish. Don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions ? Best regards, Olymp Trade team.

Olymp Trade   30 April, 2020

Overall I'm satisfied with fxpro services. As everywhere, there are minor shortcomings, but in general, this broker is quite old, reliable and provides good working conditions, especially because they make withdrawal easier offering a lot of payment methods. The platform is really good too. There is no strong slippages and freezes. Everything is stable and transparent.

FxPro   Oliver   23 April, 2020  

I have read the agreement. But I wanna be clear. Can I withdraw the profit I make with bonus within 2 days?

InstaForex   mandla shabangu   23 April, 2020  

Their mobile app is very user-friendly and I can trade anywhere with it. It's better than other brokers' app. No technical issue so far.

FXOpen   Laslo   22 April, 2020  

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