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Yes, this is consistent, been over 4 days now, keep making excuses why they wont send me the money I requested, don't use this broker!
  26 Aug 2023  
Forex for me is like an additional tool for trading in the stock market. My only regret is that I didn't start trading currencies earlier. While there are a lot of uncertainties in the stock market about what to invest in, I used part of the free funds in the forex market. I trade on the intraday and I like the fact that I get profit every day, you can also withdraw profit daily. Yes, the profit is always different, but when compared with the stock market, you can generally expect an asset to go positive for months.
  20 Jun 2023  
Normal working platform for forex trading. You can open one of several types of account to choose from: with or without netting. I have the second option, to be able to hedge, open several transactions on the same currency pair in any direction. The deposit currency is also a choice, dollars and euros. There are no minimum depot requirements. Stop outs are 1 to 47, leverage is up to a maximum of 1 to 400. Separately, there is a lot more to be said about the MetaTrader5 trading platform, but I think it needs no introduction, traders are familiar with it. I did not find any cons, so there is nothing to reduce the rating.
  11 May 2023  
Please, just don't use Avatrade. It was a very nice experience trading, but you won't see your money. As i am speaking now it has been two weeks and my funds is still not in my bank account. They have excuses for every enquiry i make. It is the worst experience i am having in my life. I went to *** and how nice and smooth working with them. I really liked trading at Avatrade, but of you want to see you money, go somewhere else.
  29 Apr 2023  
I have an account with Ava trade, they are doing illegal things, as they put my trade into stop loss, took my money and it was no where close to my stop loss. I am trying to get this rectify but no one is calling me back and they are sending me emails explaining why, which makes no sense because my trade was no where close to my stop loss. There was another time in the Asian market where my open trade went three quarter way to my Take Profit but the platform was showing it at a loss. I will try to escalate this to higher authorities or find out who regulates them to get this investigated.
  6 Feb 2023  
I invested 2500 instead of getting that amount with profit I got the call to pay 1500 so that the system can release my profit as I am a lucky that I have to get 14000. Pls explain why am I supposed to pay more for the system to release my profit?
  29 Sep 2022  
The options trading system obfuscates the very wide bid/ask spread. The app reviews on the app stores are suspiciously positive and well versed. Withdrawing money is a nightmare and the customer service is a rubber wall.
  1 Sep 2022  
Do not chose avatrade broker ever again, have very bad experience with it. i withdraw 850usd of winning on 2/8/2022 they cancel my withdraw by 300 which i only get 550 usd? its ok, than 3/8/2022 i withdraw 1000 usd after winning and it should only 2-3 day i received it. guess what? They cancel my withdraw AGAIN 500 usd cancel and left with another 500 usd withdraw. Great. good job. i wait till now 16/8/2022 i still didn't get that 500 usd . but guess what after i send email they stop canceling my withdraw. recently i withdraw 1400 usd in 11/8/2022 and then by 13/8/2022 i recieved it. within 2 days. but till now my 500 usd in 3/8/2022 i didn't get it. all avatrade support can do is showing me record that they already transfer ? but in face i didn't get the $500 usd. all they can do is give me arn number and and ask me solve me issue myself with my local bank? I check with my local bank, they had no record of this 500 usd in 3/8/2022? i find it very difficult with avatrade support, they could have just ask their bank to contact my bank to trace this 500 usd on 3/8/2022 withdraw, but they can't do it? so i can say this 500 usd i withdraw in 3/8/22 can give avatrade for free already. so don't waste your time opening account in avatrade broker. they can't help you with your issue then giving you more issue.

  16 Aug 2022  
The app and website is down. Can't log in or make any trades. Horrible as I am losing money whilst there site and app is offline.
  7 Jun 2022  
I'm so disappointed with this broker, when you're still joining and still new, they'll give you all the attention, after few months withdrawal issues begin, I waited for the whole month for my withdrawal, I have dozens of emails complaining about my withdrawal, all they do is to copy emails and paste not responding to my exact query, I'm being told to wait for 10 business days because my withdrawal was done via wire transfer,only two times when I had just joined them that I received my money in less than 4 days, now they changed, I still haven't received my money since the 1st of February 2022, even now I'm still following up on the same issue, I left several messages for my account manager Adam L***, he doesn't even return calls, but when you're to deposit funds they give you all the help you need in a speed, one of their Joburg consultants told me that even if I can go to the branch I won't be able to reach them, this is totally unfair, I'm still waiting for my withdrawals even now.
  8 Mar 2022  
Dear Sibusiso, We believe we have located your registration with us and wish to sincerely highlight our Customer Services Team is handling your case as a matter of urgency. We are pleased to be in direct communication with you via the latest ticket 838459, where your case has been escalated; we kindly ask you to follow the steps outlined to check if the bank details are indeed correct (we have made the transactions multiple times and each time the bank rejects the funds). We look forward to receiving an update that the bank details have been doubled checked, and we kindly suggest an alternative method be looked into; which our team will assist with of course. We thank you for working with us to find a solution here, and please do not hesitate to contact us via the latest ticket with any further questions. Warm regards, The AvaTrade Team.
AvaTrade (Official)   22 March 2022
I'm very much disappointed with your $50 inactive fee.
  27 Dec 2021  
Dear Arthur,

We are in a process of trying to locate your account in our system. In the meantime, we kindly request further information, and therefore sincerely ask you to contact us via Live Chat from our website or via cs@avatrade.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   29 December 2021
Well I like the fact, my withdrawal doesn't take up to 10 minutes to get to my wallet. I like this company.

  20 Dec 2021  
Dear Abdul,

We thank you for your review - and we are pleased to have you on board with us.

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   29 December 2021
Stop. It is my fault but they take advantage of you. This app is not for a long term investor. They force predefined levarage, charge you swap every 1 day, account manager was not honest or up front about details until I started losing money recommending to put more, instrument details do not pop up in an obvious place, educational videos are not relevant (e.g. lot concept), details about the trade do not include % of total wallet. I can go on and on. This app is for advanced users who want to be active traders, and can read through the indirect scams.
  1 Dec 2021  
Dear Mohammad,

Thank you for your feedback.

We believe we were able to locate your registration within our system. We have carefully reviewed your account and the claims from your review.

Please, be informed that AvaTrade is a broker, providing leverage for executing trades. This information is acknowledged on our websites, FAQs, Trading conditions and general Terms and Conditions. A fixed leverage banner is also attached and shown on every single webpage on each website we have.

The overnight interest, which is referred to as Swap, is also mentioned in our websites, FAQs, Trading conditions and general Terms and Conditions.

We wish to highlight that we have already contacted you via Ticket: #769740 and provided you with further information, regarding your request.

Kind regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   2 December 2021
I am really scared to invest with you after hearing a lot of complain about withdraw. Why have high percentage of negative about withdrawing money?
  21 Nov 2021  
Dear Joe,

We wish to highlight that we do not have any issues with withdrawals; and any issues any of our clients may face on their end, our team always supports from start to finish to provide a solution. We understand that you may not have a registration with us; but should you have one, we kindly request further details such as you registered email via our Live Chat from our website or via cs@avatrade.com - you may also provide us with a customer service reference should you have one.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   24 November 2021
I have opened an Avatrade account some 1 and half month before. I have credited 100$ and they told our account manager will call me. I didn't received any calls or update. So I try to withdraw my money one month back but still showing me pending status. Please support me to withdraw my money, I am not interested in trading please. If you donot support here I will not suggest anyone to go with avatrade.
  2 Oct 2021  
Dear Bhaskarsitaram,

We wish to try and locate your registration within our system and there we kindly request further details such as you registered email via our Live Chat from our website or via cs@avatrade.com - you may also provide us with a customer service reference should you have one.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   6 October 2021
What a great way for the beginner to start investing. Very easy to install and get up and running.

  5 Aug 2021  
Dear Tony,

We are very pleased to hear this; we assume you mean one of our apps such as AvaTradeGO - we are happy you enjoy our services and trading platforms.

We thank you for choosing AvaTrade; and for any assistance you may contact our Customer Services Team via our Live Chat function from our website or via cs@avatrade.com

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   6 August 2021
I created the affiliate partner account with avatrade last month. According to which I was given a client refer commission. FTD 1000$spread 40$CPA 350$fixed. I marketed and gave $10000 investment to avatrade. According to this, my 3500$commission was made. Which has not yet been paid. again received email ur account is hold. not give me any valid reason. Still hold my commission and not give me any response. I am still waiting to avapartner team response. today 16/7/21 again mail ava support and our account manager joseph but did not any valid reason to not give me my right june 3500$ commission yet and not give me proper answer and again thierd me dont text me plz i request avatrade higher management to resolve this issue as ssoon as posible. dear joseph, kindly send me detail about cpa abuse because m not a trader and m not a signal provider all client call u and verified all client by call and email so plz dont ask me again and again m not abuse any thing.if client are perform same trade not my headek and not m perform any trade belf client.m create a social media campain and refer u client its not my fault.so plz give me my june commission 3500$.m again request u send me detail where i abuse u sedn me detail and sedn me prove, thanks. Today is 18/7/21 Avatrade still not pay my June commission and not valid reason why no pay June commission I am continuing email our manager Joseph and Avatrade support but still not give me any valid reason or not give me any prove where I am abuse kindly I request Avatrade higher management and trustpilot higher management plz resolve this matter as soon as possible and give me my right June commission 3500$. 26/7/21 Hi Dear Respected Client, All clients are requested. The client has created a live forex account of avatarde in my ib in last month. Tell me all your details like email,contact no and live avatrde account number. And express your opinion regarding avatrade. regard, Saba Ashraf

  26 Jul 2021  
Dear Saba,

We wish to highlight that we are in direct contact with you via our relevant department; and should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   27 July 2021
Excellent Customer Service. Easy deposit and withdrawal. Aav Go app is fast. Overall I'm satisfied with ava trade.
  8 Jul 2021  
Dear Asif,

We thank you for your great review and we are most pleased that AvaTradeGO is suiting you well, and you enjoy our services.

We thank you for choosing AvaTrade; it is great to have you on board with us.

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   15 July 2021
Am currently unable to view and log in to my mt4. That's very much bad cuz I have to how is my trade going but am unable and they keep on saying it's my network, surprisingly other sites or brokers are perfectly fine. What causes this?
  20 Mar 2021  
Dear Ntando,

We wish to check into this point for you too, and as we mention below, we request further details in order for us to try and locate your registration with us; we therefore kindly ask you to reach out to us via our Live Chat from our website or via cs@avatrade.com with your details; you may of course include both queries at the same time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   15 July 2021
Am using this broker and am not happy. If you want to take a trade asap you won't be able , the search bar goes for more than an hour still searching. I have been asking for an account manager for more than 3 weeks and as am writing this I haven't got one yet before when I wanted to open an account with them they were calling me non stop .

  20 Mar 2021  
Dear Ntando,

We sincerely wish to request further details in order for us to try and locate your registration with us; we therefore kindly ask you to reach out to us via our Live Chat from our website or via cs@avatrade.com with your details.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

The AvaTrade Team
AvaTrade (Official)   15 July 2021
AVA Trade is a scam, but you do not realize of that until you want to withdrawal your money. It is impossible. Wire transfers never work and the money always come back to your AVA account. They never send the proofs of transaction. Probably because they do not do the transactions.
  30 Apr 2020  
Hi guys what causes the positions to close on their own before completing time frame. I am really frustrated I don't enjoy mytrading anymore. What can I do, can someone advise please. At first I didn't experience this. my trading was normal.
  28 Feb 2020  
Hello guys. Don't listen complaints of losers here. Highly recommended. This brokerage house is providing excellent service, accessible minimum deposit and prime level of liquidity. Broker also has low commissions, choice of ECN accounts and unique solutions for better cfd trading. We are a small pool of managers trading through their API and have many happy investors.
  31 Jan 2017  
You're an accomplice in the scamming business. There's a great difference between their charts and other broker's charts. Sudden crazy inexplainable moves abound.
Gozie G   15 Nov 2021
This is my third fx broker in a long way of trading. As a savvy trader, I mostly focused on better conditions as well as on fast order execution. I'm certain that any delay is critical. Just several mistakes in a row can ruin all your positive performance. Bad broker, slow execution, and many other things should be considered before you open account. And believe me I spent decent amount of time on research before decided to start trading here. Appreciate for good service and high level of technical support. Good job.
  4 Jul 2016  
My colleges advised me to move from my previous broker to AvaTrade. Now I totally agree with them. All operations are fast. I like convenient and flexible platform with floating spreads. I have many benefits which are helpful and make my trading more efficient. My expectations to receive around 2000 pips since next month. Overall, the broker provides quite well services.
  1 Jul 2016  
Ava Trade offers floating and fixed spreads. Being a regulated broker it provides the traders with safe environment. I’ve never had any problems with withdrawal here and enjoy its comparatively low initial deposit - $ 100. I put its Sharp trader to good use learning a lot of useful things about the markets. What else? At AvaTrade I start trading on MT4 immediately without any problems.
  29 Jun 2016  
Impressed by a rich automated trading package of this broker including my favorite ZuluTrade system. It helps me to build a strong trading strategy and get profit. I have chosen the reputable traders who provide the signals and the system reproduces their strategy in my account without any problems. As far as I am among those people who have no time to watch the market, this option is very convenient. Besides, I can use several profitable pairs from different providers at once. And withdrawal here is easy though last time it took 2 days to see my gains in my banking account.
  14 Jun 2016  
The excellent company, withdrawal of money fast is happy with their work.
  11 Jun 2014  
Concerning the ipad. It's true. I've received it myself. The only thing is required is to open a new account with a $2000 deposit. I think its beneficial)
  20 Jun 2013  
I have heard that AvaTrade offers a free iPad mini to those who opens new account. is this really true? Has anyone already got one?
  29 May 2013  

AvaTrade is an award-winning online broker offering Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies and more. The company is regulated by 10 regulators across 5 continents with a global clientele in over 150 countries. AvaTrade maintains a highly reputable...

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